Connect with students. Connect with agents.
Cover the whole region in one weekend in Istanbul!

What Our Partner Institutions Say About Our Previous Fairs

Mezun Agency Workshop
The only agency workshop for the region
( Turkey, Central Asia, Middle East & Africa )
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Mezun Virtual Fair
Meet with pre-registered and qualified students.
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Fall 2017

19 OCT - Mezun Virtual Fair

21 OCT - Mezun Agency Workshop

19-21 OCT - Mezun Travel Bundle (Both Events)


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Mezun Agency Workshop

Mezun Agency workshop is a networking event in a workshop format where international educators get the chance to meet with screened quality agents

  • Closed to the general public, private environment

  • Pre-scheduled one-on-one business meetings

  • Agents from 25+ countries (still pending for final confirmations): Algeria, Azerbaijan, Bosnia-Herzegovina, Cameroon, China, Egypt, Ethiopia, Ghana, India, Indonesia, Iran, Iraq, Jordan, Kazakhstan, Kosova, Kyrgyzstan, Lebanon, Libya, Malaysia, Mongolia, Morocco, Nigeria, Pakistan, Russia, Saudi Arabia, Serbia, Tajikistan, Turkmenistan, Ukraine

Cover the whole region in one weekend!

Watch The Video To Hear What Our Partner Institutions Said About Our Previous Workshops

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Plan your schedule
Review agent profiles and pre-schedule your meeting time


During Workshop

One on one business meetings
Meet with your choice of agents in-person



Continued Success
We constantly evaluate and review agents for their relations with you



Meet with pre-registered and qualified students.

  • Exhibit and meet
    with pre-registered and qualified students.

  • Join seminars tailored to give you special insight on the local market.

  • Attend the after event dinner reception and other activities.

Watch The Video To Hear What Our Partner Institutions Said About Our Previous Fair

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We deliver pre-qualified students to: Universities, Colleges and Language Schools



Extensive Event Marketing
Extensive PR and marketing campaign for the event including the promotion of attending institutions


During Event

Face to Face Engagements
During the exhibition the institution representatives get the chance to meet with the students and their parents in-person



Registered Attendee Follow Up
We follow up with every registered student on behalf of the institutions in attendance


Satisfied Partners

“My expectations were to see a lot of very good, bright, engaged students; and my expectations have been met.“


Sharne Procter

Durham University


“You must have done a great marketing campaign to get everybody here. It was a great exhibition.“


Don Kauffman

Oxford House College


“It has been a fantastic event. Lots of enthusiastic students looking for opportunities in the UK.”


Stephen Castle

Coventry University


“I have been impressed with the quality of the students.
Students seem they have been well prepared, so Mezun must have done some outreach beforehand. Before the event Mezun gave us a nice market brief from Turkey.“


Matan Lemuel Odell

English as a Second Language International


“We have been working with Mezun for quite a few years now. We’re very excited to try out their events where we meet with the students face to face“


Audra Cryder

University of Kentucky


“The event has been very good. We have met (a) number of keen students who are looking for different subject areas in the UK.“


Alex Malley

London Metropolitan University


“What I really liked about it is the diversity of students and student interests. We got some really good prospects from the Istanbul event and my thoughts are that I would do this again.“


Jacqueline McCafferty

Rowan University


“There are a lot of students here.. There are many more students here than a lot of us has anticipated.. Students have filled out applications. They have asked hundreds of questions. I have talked to parents.. When you put it all together I would say it has been very successful.“


Bradley Huggins

Bellevue College